Sports day 2022

18 February 2022

Our school kicked off sport after months of sports  not being played due to lockdown relating to COVID 19. Sports kicked off with teachers versus teams and all parties had fun. It was a fun day for all, everyone missed sports and everyone made best of the day.


21 September 2021

Thandile Mazukwe is our Sifunda Kunye lab facilitator at our school for the past three years. Thandile works as a volunteer for all Sifunda Kunye schools when it comes to The Presidents Awards and have supported hundreds of learners from all schools to complete levels in this program.

During his free time Thandile runs a NPO rugby team the dragons, and he has helped many young rugby players achieve goals and further their education.

Thandile worked hard and was able to receive funding from the National Lottery to buy new jerseys and rugby equipment.

Thandile thank you for the work you do for our youth, thank you for believing in pushing our youth and guiding them both in the computer lab and the sport field.



Sifunda Kunye Sportsday 2020

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