Learner support Ms Naki

Ms Naki is our learner support and also a past student of Toise SSS. This is Ms Naki’s story:

I am a young enthusiastic lady that  love working with people and loves to help people achieve success.

I am a outgoing person that loves to with groups of individuls.

In 2019 In the heart of all the challenges of life and Covid19 I became a volunteer at Toise and assist in the computer lab. I understand the importance of technology as I a former student was given the tools by Sifunda Kunye Educational project’s in 2011 through Computer literacy course to know the basic computer skills I needed.

I am currently volunteering my time in the lab to assist and equip learners with the same skills that was a life changer when it came to technology in my life.

My main role at school is a learner support agent, I deal mainly with learner behavior and life in general.

My purpose is to furfill my duties and volunteer in our school lab to help learners in anyway I can.

My confidence with computers was directly impacted by Sifunda Kunye Educational project. Toise SSS is my past High school and my passion for education and our youth started here. I am grateful do be part of Toise SSS and Sifunda Kunye project.

Welcome 2022

We welcome all our students back this year and we would like to congratulate the class of 2021 for increasing the pass rate by 13%.

Our school had a 55.4 % pass rate in 2021, with a total of 175 learners that wrote and a total of 97 learners that passed.

The breakdown of the results:

44.3% bachelors

27 % diploma

27 % certificate

Let us all start from the first day of school and work hard to achieve in our academics and growth as a school.

May God bless each and everyone during this coming year.