The school was founded in 1981 by the Ama Gasela community living at Noncampa Location. Noncampa Location is a village about 10 kilometres from King Williamstown in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality. The school was named after the Chief Toise. It started as a Junior Secondary School with the late Mr H.N. Ngxowa as the first principal. In 1990 the school was upgraded to be a Senior Secondary School with Mr V.S. Ntlebi becoming the first principal. Between 1996 and 2001, Mr Muluse was the principal. The school starts from Grade 8 up until Grade 12.

The school is easily accessible from all sides of the village. There is both a clinic (primary health care centre) and a church in close proximity to the school.

Community Profile

The community is made up of mainly the elderly and unemployed people with the unemployment rate standing at around 70%. The people in the village depend on old age pensions, traditional and subsistence farming. Even though the community faces such economic challenges, they are still supportive of the school.